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Alvaro Saenz

Moutain Leader.

I was born April 4, 1964 in Neuilly-sur-Seine. My parents named Alvaro, a name of Spanish origin and descent of Viking, a nomadic people.

Electrician by trade and sporting nature, I practiced cross-country mountain biking in the forest, skydiving, and I stopped running to walking, observing, and especially to feel good.

Father of three children, Coralie, Guillaume and Estelle, I prepared my patent in 1998 as Mountain Leader and since I travel the mountains of the Alps, France, Italy, Corse, Switzerland and the Pyrenees.

I worked as an accompanist on the Alpine mule-driver for five years at an office of Mountain Guides and I specialized in the winter igloo building. Claudia with whom I share my life today gave me the virus of the trip and since we share moments of joy to discover the natural treasures of Morocco, Spain, Tanzania, Namibia, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Patagonia ...

Our duty is to be happy and I bring you through my experiences and travel unforgettable moments of beauty and to share with me the discovery of these unusual places.